1. Hello.

    I'm a big fan of big boobs, but I also want something to grab in the butt area.

    Up until now, my mind have been fixed on the 1H body, because of the boobs, but that body seem quite slender in the other areas, whereas the 2D body has a little more mass overall, I could of course buy one of each, but that seems a little excessive :-)

    Then my question is, how big is the 2D's enlarged boobs, compared to the 1H's standard boobs?

    And does the enlargement do anything to the feel/softness?

  2. The letter after the body number is the size of the breast. Body 1B has a B-cup (just a small handful), the body 1H has the H-cup (enormous), body 2D has a D-cup. Enlarged it would be close to an E-cup. Count the number of letters between D and H to figure out the size difference. Bear in mind that bra cup sizes are determined by the difference in size between the largest part of the breast and the rib-cage. H-cup breasts have a much deeper cleavage than D-cup. Also remember that enlargements make the breasts much firmer, and in person they are less noticeable than you'd think. We do not recommend the enlargements.


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