1. Hello.

    Has anyone been to the show and seen the manikins?

    I'm quite curious to hear from people who have never seen or touched a high-end manikin before and what you thoughts are.

    I would love to be there myself, but as I live in Denmark, it would probably have set me back a couple of grand to make the trip.

    I'm aware that show is far from over, but somebody must already have been there.

  2. To be clear, we did not have a booth. We had private viewing appointments for people who wanted to come to a hotel room to see the dolls. Because they were private viewings, it is highly unlikely anyone will talk about it who has not seen a Sinthetic before.  You are likely to get better insight on the reality of the dolls from members at http://www.ourdollcommunity.com. It's a forum owned and operated by doll enthusiasts. It is not a forum supported by or owned by any doll manufacturers so you'll get very varied insights.


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