1. Hi.

    I just wanted to know what the term "shaved ribs" means.

    In the "thigh" section of the options list, you get to chose between "soft inner thighs" "soft thighs" "soft thighs, shaved ribs", can anyone shed some light on that?

  2. Soft inner thighs: Most of the rigid foam is kept to reduce weight, but the inner thighs are made with soft foam so that the inner thighs are softer for play and make it easier to bring the legs together. This can increase weight by up to 3lb. ($150.00)


    Soft thighs: The entire rigid foam core is replaced with a soft foam core. This results in a softer doll which can get legs together more easily, but also increases the weight up to about 5lb. ($250.00)


    Soft thighs-shaved ribs: The designation of shaved ribs means that the rigid foam chest core is shaved down. This results in thicker silicone over the rib core for a softer doll. It is less realistic since girls as slim as our dolls do not have a lot of “padding” over their ribs, but some people prefer soft over realistic. The shaving of the ribs adds a small amount of weight – maybe 2 lb. The shaved ribs would be paired with soft thighs for a total cost of $350.00.


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