1. We know we said we wouldn't do it, but there's so much excitement about the imminent arrival of the male Sinthetic we've decided to create a small "making of" for those of you who are interested. Since he'll be debuted in about a month, now seems like a good time.

    We respectfully request that you do not post these pictures to any other sites. They're posted here for your entertainment and information.

    Number 1:
    This picture shows some basic torso detail as the forms are being shaped and smoothed. Keep in mind this is early in the process so shapes and details are going to change considerably before completion. You can still see the clay build-up and tool marks as the body is being "discovered".

  2. Wow, this is very exciting! I know who I'm telling. LOL
    Best wishes to the Sinthetics family. Keep up the great work. <3

  3. Another from the sculpting phase where forms were still being shaped and edited

  4. Here is a foot...

  5. Wow, very impressive details :)

  6. The body in silicone with upgraded skin finish (realistic mottling and freckles)

    Finally in silicone with hand punched body hair.

    Gabriel is now on his way to Germany along with the girls. You'll see them in snapshots from Venus Berlin at the end of next week. Follow our Twitter feed for most up-to-date photos and information from the show. For those of you who have been waiting to talk about this doll on other forums, you can feel free to repost the two new pictures from today.

  7. Nicely done! When I see his face, I know I will want him for my studio! Have a great time in Germany, but take time to see some of the country, too!

  8. He looks wonderful!

  9. Gabriel now has his own gallery at last, and will be added to the shopping cart this week.


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