1. Hello,

    I think it would be very useful for the owners to better know the capacities and limitations of the skeleton.

    So could you please use this kind of pics (my examples are copyrighted) to let us know the range of motion one should respect to prevent any damage to the manikin ?

    Thanks a lot !

  2. This image is in the careguide. We are allowed to use it thanks to Hiroo of 4Woods.


  3. Thanks a lot ! So I guess the following poses are not possible ?

  4. Both of those are possible but could result in the armpits tearing. We make the dolls in a neutral pose to allow the arms to go up and down as much as possible. The silicone does have limits though, so it can tear, especially if you move the area too fast or at too sharp of an angle.  Here are some examples of poses we have done. The first did tear the armpit a little:

    This one is a safer position - the armpit did not tear here

    The body positions of both your photos are doable and within the safe range.

  5. Ok I understand. Thank you very much for your explanations !


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