1. I noticed lipsticks and creams can stain silicone so I'm looking for a product that could work like a barrier between cosmetics and unpainted silicone. It must be an invisible and temporary protection ; A kind of film that can be easily removed without causing any damage to the silicone itself.

    I tried to use this product from Gemey-Maybelline (http://www.gemey-maybelline.com/NOS_PRODUITS/Ongles/SOIN/Soin_Base_De_Vernis.aspx), that works but it's not really satisfying. Any idea ? Thanks !

  2. We use powdered make up shaved into lip gloss for best results. Once we're done with the photo shoot we remove the colored gloss with make-up remover. It comes off very cleanly. It's best if you dont leave it on more than a couple of days.


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