1. We have a couple of people ready to take the plunge on a custom body if they can find one or two others to share the development costs. The body type will be a big-bottom girl around 5' tall. We will only develop this body type if it's a custom order because it's more of a specialty body type. Think of Ice-T's wife Coco, or a shorter thicker Kim Kardashian. The people who join together to share the development costs will have to agree on the body specifics but aside from the body you can customize your individual doll as you would any of our other dolls. Please email if you are seriously interested in more information to join this group purchase. Thanks.

  2. It's a very good idea to create such groups to share the development costs for custom bodies and heads. I already thought about it but I wasn't sure other people could be interested by such a project...

    I already had the opportunity to write on ODC (http://ourdollcommunity.com/forum/index.php?topic=3657.0) I'd like to get a busty and relatively chubby body ; Something of the kind of Claudia Marie. She's a big-bottom girl, but her body is not disproportionate since she's got big boobs, a "little" belly, and large hips too. I just don't know whether my wishes could fit the ones of the group... ?

  3. Hi Kroff, thanks for sharing this message on ODC. The group forming at the moment is looking for a body with VERY large buttocks (like almost double the size of 2D), very small waist, flat stomach and small to moderate sized breasts. Because this is not a body that is very commonly desired, if the group is not able to be formed with a consensus on the body type we will not develop the body independently. Even with a custom order our odds of fully recouping development costs are quite low. This is the general body type that is being discussed right now:

  4. Who is this girl? She looks awesome and has a realy beautyfull full figure with curves on the right places. Nothing is overdone as far as I could see from the pictures above. Are there more pictures of her so I could get a better understanding what the group want to be made?

    By the way: this is a realy great opportunity Sinthetics is offering here to develop new body types :D

    Just me two cents,

  5. That's Coco Ice T's wife.

  6. Just a heads up that one or two of the people who were interested in
    this project are asking about it again. We have made some serious
    internal changes to the production and development departments which
    will allow Matt to get his hands back in clay more frequently. With that
    in mind we're more comfortable taking on a long-term commission like
    this big bottom doll (6 - 8 months lead time). If anyone is still
    interested, please shoot an email to Sales@Sinthetics.com for more information and costs associated. Thanks.

  7. Presumably the idea would be for each custom interest group to congregate around a forum post here or at Our Doll?

    No doubt there would be endless debate about specifics until critical mass was reached.

    As the group dragged the specifications in a certain direction some would take themselves off perhaps to form new groups.


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