1. We offer a great many customization options with Sinthetics and always enjoy the opportunity to make what people request. Recently we shipped a doll with custom labia. This "heart" style is available for built-in entries for anyone who would like it.

    Standard                                                           Heart shaped

  2. Very good, can there be color requests?

  3. Yes, we can do special color requests within some limitations.

  4. Hi folks,

    do you offer the custom labia option only for the built-in vagina or is it possible to alter the labia style on the insert too?

    And by the way: I have a suggestion to make. I have seen that Hiro from 4woods offer some kind of a Real Hole Cap which is used for photographie purposes only<font face="Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro, �q���M�m�p�S Pro W3, ���C���I, Meiryo, �l�r �o�S�V�b�N, sans-serif">. These cap is similar to your ballon knot and could be used to cover the vagina when the insert isnt in place. Maybe that would be a good thing to enhance the photographic experience even when you oder a doll with insert. I have seen many pictures where the insert didnt look natural when the dolls spred their legs. Maybe something similar like the ballon knot could work here. I attach the link to the oder page from the 4woods site. The Real Hole Cap is at the bottom of this page: http://aidoll.4woods.jp/cart/e-splus/erina.html

    Keep up your great work.

    Best wishes,

  5. We do the custom labia for the built-ins and the insert versions. We have already done one insert version which has very pronounced labia. We recently also did a new built-in version which will be called the Orchid - it has an unusually large clitoris and very tiny labia. Here they are:

    There are quite a few orders coming up which have other labia options, and we've done a considerable number of custom nipples of late also. I'll add those in a new thread.

  6. <quote>
    There are quite a few orders coming up which have other labia options, and we've done a considerable number of custom nipples of late also. I'll add those in a new thread.</quote>

    Will you show us these custom labia options when they are finished or are they one-of-a-kind for their owners?

    Best wishes,

  7. The new labia are shown above and added to the shopping cart as options for others to buy later. The same applies with the nipples. A new nipple type will be added next week after the client has seen the photos of his doll complete.

    I did a series of more descriptive photos of the extra-long labia the other day. Here is how those look from various angles:

  8. Do you do small, unpigmented labia?

  9. Can we get some pictures of the new small labia please?

    I have read about this new design in your delivered dolls gallary.

    Thank you and best wishes,

  10. Alistair, for silicone unpigmented would be transparent. If you want very light pink or something similar we can do that by request. Pictures should be provided so that we know what you mean.

    Meschler, we do not have pictures of the small labia yet. We'll get them posted when we have good photos.

  11. OK


  12. Any chance we can see some pictires of the new labias you have made lately?

    The small labia version sounds great and is offerend allready in the shop, but unfortunately without any picture or description.

    Thank you very much.

  13. The picture has been on the order form since the item was added. This is the order form picture:

    This is how the petite labia look in the quarter torso


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