1. Does this mean only in color, or shape?

  2. It means we can do whatever you want. We can and do make custom nipples (different shape, size, placement) and also just enlarge the areolae with paint if that's what you want.

  3. Very interesting answer !

    Here is a picture of a Sinthetic Manikin :

    And here is a first example of what I'd like to get :


    Or, here is another breast made by an unknown manufacturer :

    And now what I'd prefer to get about the areolas :

    Do you think it is technically feasible to get something close to my examples ?
    If yes what would be the cost of such an option please ?

  4. Hi Kroff. Please shoot us an email with the photos of the real girls you like and we'll talk about what is feasible and what the costs will be. The other doll you posted a picture of is the Ruby13.

    We have a custom nipple job going to ship in the next couple of weeks. I'll try to post pictures here. We also have just shipped a doll with custom labia, and another will be going in a few weeks. I'll post some photos of those in another thread.

  5. Ok thanks, I do it immediately !


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