1. This thread will include tips for care and maintenance. Most of these are already on the FAQ. Feel free to post your own tips!

  2. Dressing

    Having your Sinthetic hanging on a stand makes dressing MUCH
    easier. Select clothing that opens completely down the
    front or back and/or has stretch to make dressing  easier
    and more enjoyable. Always take care to avoid bending or pulling the
    fingers during dressing. Each Sinthetic goes home with a pair of
    knee-high stockings specially intended to cover the hands while dressing
    to make the fabric slide more easily and avoid damage to the fingers. Take your time when dressing your Sinthetic.

    If your doll is going to be wearing long pants put on
    nylon stockings on first. The stockings help clothing slide on easily.
    If you use thigh-high stockings you can pull them off when you are
    finished putting on the pants. We recommend using these stockings when
    your manikin is in bed as well to avoid the fingers catching in bedding.

    Stretch fabrics are always preferable for silicone dolls! They will
    make your life much easier, prevent unnecessary exertion on your part
    and prevent damage to your Sinthetic. Whenever possible, use clothing
    with wide necks, buttons, zipper or other fasteners for easy dressing.
    In most cases it is easiest to dress manikins from the feet up. We do
    not advise that you put very tight clothing (tight jeans) or bras with
    under wires or boning on your manikin as these items can leave temporary
    impressions in the silicone. If you are using boned clothing, you should the wires from the inside of the outfit without
    changing the look of the outfit.

    To put on a sweater or T-shirt, if the neckline doesn’t open
    completely in the front or back but is wide enough or has enough stretch
    it is always best to pull the clothing on from the feet up. If you must
    pull the top on over the neck, remove the head before
    putting the item on. Pull the shirt over one hand first, then stretch over the neck, and
    finally put the other hand into the garment. This is easiest with
    the manikin’s arms bent at the elbows, close to her/his body with hands
    up by the shoulders. For shirts or jackets that open down the front,
    put the knee-high stockings over the hands and arms, pull the manikin’s arms gently behind the back, putting the hands close
    together with the arms straight or slightly bent. Put the sleeves over
    the hands first, taking care of the fingers, then pull up the arms
    evenly until the garment is properly in place. Sinthetics have jointed
    shoulders and clavicles which make putting shirts on much easier.

    To put on underwear, pants or skirt, it is easiest to straighten the
    manikin’s legs, and slide the clothes up slowly. Stockings or pantyhose
    make putting on pants much easier. To put on stockings or pants, scrunch
    the garment down so that you are holding the waist band and the foot
    hole in one hand. Push the foot gently through the hole and slide up to
    the ankle. Repeat on the other side. Gradually work the garment up the
    legs. If necessary, squeeze your manikin’s knees together to ease
    sliding the clothes up.

    If you live in a dry climate and find static to be a problem, we
    recommend Static Guard spray in the laundry isle at a local store.

    When selecting shoes for your manikin it is best to order shoes a
    size larger than your manikin’s feet in order to avoid damage or
    squashing the toes especially in the case of closed-toe shoes and boots.
    Socks and stockings make putting shoes on much easier. Videos will be added to the website shortly to show the best dressing techniques.

    Pre-Wash Clothing: It is best to hand wash
    lingerie and dark outfits prior to dressing your manikin as dyes can
    sometimes stain silicone. We recommend hand washing and hang-drying
    outfits prior to putting them on your Sinthetic. In the case where
    clothing does accidentally stain your doll, the color will usually come
    out of the silicone by itself in a week or two. Do not try to wash the
    color out or rub the area. The silicone will eventually
    reject the clothing dye.

  3. Very very interesting, thank you.

    We're looking forward to watch for your videos !!!


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