1. Hello,

    How does latex react with silicone please ?
    I know it's very very sticky so it's not something to use, but I wish to know if there's a risk for colors to pervade into silicone itself ?

    Same question about clothes made with vinyl please ?

  2. Hi Kroff
    Latex will have no effect on silicone once the silicone is cured. It causes inhibition (not curing) of liquid silicone, however, so we have no latex at all in our facility.  Latex and vinyl clothes wont be a problem except that they'll make you want to strangle someone with the difficulty of getting them on and off. We recommend putting pantyhose on the doll or very heavy powdering to help latex and vinyl slide. There are some vinyls that are "attacked" by silicone - the silicone repels mineral oils so the oils pour out of the vinyl and the vinyl shrinks dramatically. This doesn't happen with all vinyls though. For safety, do not keep vinyl clothes on a Sinthetic for long periods of time (several days or more).

    As for staining, that can happen with any materials if the dyes are not properly encapsulated. If staining does occur, just leave it be. Dont try to wash or scrub it out. It will come out on its own in about a week.

  3. Thank you very much for your answer !

    I'm quite anxious because of these materials. They are great on human bodies but it's obvisouly more complicated on silicone manikins...

    The products used to care for latex (to make it shine and the milk too) are probably risky for silicone or even the parts of the doll where there is some makeup, so I think I must be very very cautious !
    Anyway it's only for a short period, just the time to make the shooting and that's all. But I fear a problem could occur in a couple of minutes or hours. Am I wrong ?

  4. As long as you're not using silicone on silicone you should be fine. In the case of some vinyls, it's actually the silicone that attacks the vinyl. The silicone is fine, the vinyl is a mess.

  5. What about a nylon barrier between the two?  Or baby powder?

  6. Baby powder will help the materials slide, as will nylon stockings (as mentioned above) but there are still spaces between those materials which may touch. Nonetheless, the clothing should not be a problem. The worst part of it will be trying to get the clothes on and off.


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