1. What is the progress in making the male doll?

  2. We are working on clay details now. Progress is being made while we're continuing with a very heavy production schedule.

  3. Great! I know just who to tell!


  4. Waiting patiently. I'm not going anywhere!

  5. We're still working hard here. Our focuses for this quarter:

    1. Train the new guys (we have 2 new employees again) - Sinthetics is Growing!!
    2. Get our delivery numbers way up
    3. Finish the various heads, bodies, torsos etc on the sculpture tables including the male
  6. Your success was and is a given because the work you do is phenomenal!!!! Seriously, it's rare to find the kind of talent you have
    at Sinthetics, from the art itself, to the attention you give your customers. That kind of excellence takes time, and is worth waiting for.
    Just make sure you squeeze time off for yourselves in there! Yay for the new help!!!!

    One day soon, when I get my Sinthetics male doll, I will be one ecstatic woman.  LOL

  7. How long are your quarters?

  8. Supergirl: The same length as everyone's quarters - 3 months. There are 4 quarters in a year...

    Happiness: Thank you! We'll take some "me" time next month. :)


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