1. What's up with the male dolls so far?

  2. Hopefully, we'll hear something soon. I know Sinthetics is working away on getting him ready for us. Luckily, work will keep me very busy through Christmas!
    Otherwise, this wait for an announcement would be killing me......... O.K.! It's still killing me.........WHY does time move soooo slooooow when you're
    waiting for something? LOL

  3. Finally someone answered.  LOL.  I don't do patients, I blame that on being a Scorpio. ; )

  4. Unfortunately time moves really slowly for those of you waiting, and way too fast for those of us trying to do a million things at once! As soon as there's something to tell we'll tell it, we promise.

  5. Thank you Sinthetics!!!!!

  6. OK I don't want to be a pain here But the year is almost over Chirstmas is only 2 and a bit weeks away. So where is the male doll.... The waiting is way to much for me. Please Matt can we see him.... Please please please with suger on top... LOL

  7. No, I'm sorry Deafleopard and anyone else waiting you cannot see him. It is a strict company policy not to preview items that are in clay. We have had some set-backs with production so that is taking priority. The people who have dolls on order appreciate that. When the first male is ready for release all of you watching the forums will be the first to know. Until then, please understand that new products are a huge undertaking and we are a small shop. We cannot develop new things at the expense of orders in the queue so we're working hard to get our new guys properly trained and have everything flowing properly in order to finish many of the items on the sculpting tables.

    Also, just for a spot of perspective: It takes many months to make a new doll in most cases (the body 1H being a specific exception to the rule). This company has been going for less than 13 months and the site has been up less than a year (anniversary is Valentine's Day). There is no other company in the world that has been able to expand its line by 3 bodies and 5 heads in a single year time frame so our productivity and development is WAY ahead of the curve. I am sure this is hard for many to keep in mind because you're excited and you want something new, but it's important to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are dolls. We are working very hard, and once in a while we'd like to have a day off.


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