1. In his review on ODC (http://ourdollcommunity.com/forum/index.php?topic=3462.0) Briko wrote this : "Matt is reworking the head to allow the jaw to articulate ".

    I am very interested by such an improvement and I would like to know more about it please.
    Will the Celeste's head get this new option, and when ?

    Thanks a lot !

  2. Hi Kroff

    The hinged jaw is standard on all the heads. In some of the earlier heads from the Celeste and Tawny molds that feature hadn't been finalized, but it is now so all the heads do come with it.

  3. Hurray ! :-D

  4. What is the jaws range of motion and ability to hold a pose?

  5. The range isn't huge, but does show the expressive change - these pictures of Alicia illustrate it best:

  6. That's wonderful. It does give a greater range of emotion!

  7. Does "Enlarged" Celeste refer to this feature?

  8. Hi Alistair. Enlarged refers to the breast enlargement - it has nothing to do with the heads which can go on any body.

  9. OK



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