1. We have big news this week! Many of you have been waiting for a small-breasted Sinthetic and an Asian head by Matt. Well, your wait is over. Last weekend at the Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball in Las Vegas we debuted the new body 1B and the Kimiko head. We also have a brand new fantasy head, a pixie named Willow, to be released this week and more exciting new stuff coming up through the end of the year.

    Although these pictures are not the greatest quality, here are Kimiko and Celeste at the Fetish & Fantasy ball.
    Kimiko is shown on body 1B in Honey; Celeste is shown on body 1H in Toffee with several custom tattoos. We'll do some formal photo sets of them in the coming month.

    There are a few more pictures in this gallery: [URL="http://sinthetics.viewbook.com/album/fetishfantasyball2011#1"]http://sinthetics.viewbook.com/album/fetishfantasyball2011#1[/URL]

  2. I just saw this on the front page and rushed over here to the forums.  Kimiko looks amazing -- again, she doesn't look like a doll.  The 1B body is a great complement to that head.

    I'm loving the tats and Toffee skin tone on Celeste, too!

  3. -Jaw Drop!-

    Simply stunning! You guys totally outdid yourselves yet again.
    That body and head work perfectly together. I'm saving my pennies now.
    Cant wait to see more photos. :D

  4. This is one stunning doll, a must have... I am so saving hard so I get her and a male doll when he is done and then I will come back for one more girl.. wow Matt you are the best of the best...

  5. I love Kimiko.  And the new body!

  6. Kimiko is perfect!!!! She is the best Asian doll ever!

  7. Thanks for all the compliments! We were able to get a photo set done last night so we'll get it uploaded as soon as the logos are on the pictures. :)

  8. Saw the photo gallery for Kimiko!  Sweet n' Naughty!

  9. We are happy to say that we have added our first set of formal photos of Kimiko on the body 1B. Here are a couple of pictures from the set:

    You can see the rest of the set here: [URL="http://sinthetics.com/gallery/kimiko/kimiko-1b/"]http://sinthetics.com/gallery/kimiko/kimiko-1b/[/URL]



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