1. Can pasties be applied and removed from the breast without damage.

  2. Yes they can. Just make sure to wipe the adhesive off with alcohol. Dont rub it off, just wipe gently to make sure nothing sticky is left.

  3. sorry...but what are Pasties?..I thought they was a cornish pie?

  4. LOL Terry, different pronunciation! Delicious Cornish Pasties have the flat "a" sound. Pasties for the breasts are little covers for the nipples (nipples are evil you know and must be concealed). The word is pronounced pay-sties. http://www.lingeriediva.com/pasties?gclid=CLjZuK7i1KsCFSg1gwodmi5aQg  Matt actually makes latex nipple-shaped pasties once a year for an event called Go Topless.


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