1. Hi to all,
    and congratulations to Sinthetics for wonderful doll. I am a silicone doll lover, in this period I would to buy a silicone doll... I have seen many kinds of dolls of many manifacturers, but in my opinion the Sinthetics is the best!
    The Sinthetics doll are perfect, their bodies are anatomically ultra-detailed, and the faces are wonderful.

    I have read that Sinthetics is planning a new body, the body 1B. Can you get more information about this body?
    I am looking for a body lightweight...

  2. It will have the same body type as the second body but it's called 1B because it will have a B-Cup.  The body after that will be something A and will have and A Cup, as for weight it should be lighter.

  3. Right now it's just a guess but we think the body 1H will be about 5lb lighter than the 1H. So about 68 - 70lb. We'll know by the end of the month for sure. After that will be body 2A but that's a long way off still.


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