1. We are very sad to have to post this message but due to circumstances outside our control we are experiencing a production delay. We have hired two new employees who are being trained and doing well, but Matt has had to take time out of the studio due to family health issues. He spent most of last week in Ohio to be at his father's bedside. He came home over the weekend but heard this morning that the situation may be dire. He may have to return to Ohio at short notice if news does not improve. We know that most of you will understand that family must come first but we wanted to make this public statement for all who are waiting on product so you know what is happening this end. We will post as more news comes available. We appreciate your understanding.

  2. Matt you and your family are in my prayers I hope your father pulls through.  I'm getting close to losing my father so I know how you feel.  Try to take it easy I wish you the best.

  3. Matt's dad is apparently feeling somewhat better today. He was scheming
    ways to go home, which is a good sign. Of course he will not be going
    home for at least a couple of months, but at least he's thinking about
    it. We're hoping this will be a good week of recovery.

  4. He sounds like my father.  My Dad doesn't do hospitals or doctors. I'll keep praying. ; )

  5. So sorry to hear about Matt's dad.  Glad to hear he is feeling better.  I hope Matt knows a lot of people he doesn't know but who follow his work and wonderful talent are sending prayers his way. 

  6. I hope that all will be going best way.
    Good and skilled employees hopefully give also more time for family...also in the future. :)

  7. All my best to Matt and his family.
    Here's hoping for a quick recovery.

  8. I read the announcement on the site, I hope everything goes well.

  9. wishing your father a speedy recovery and wishing you well too matt

  10. Thanks for the well-wishes everyone. Matt's dad is getting good care but still has good days and bad days. Matt is trying to keep focused at work but we have planned to go to be with his family later this month. We are told that the care providers are getting his dad out into the general population at the rehabilitation center so he can socialize a bit, and they are working his leg daily although he still is not ready to try to walk or get himself into or out of bed. We are sure he is frustrated. Unfortunately the dementia does not appear to be lifting as fast as everyone would hope.

    We've learned something from this - if you have an elderly loved-one who needs surgery, either request an epidural type treatment so that anesthetic isn't necessary, or demand that a brain scan is used during the surgery to make sure that the patient is not over-anesthetized. Much of the dementia we are seeing now stemmed from 2 surgeries with too much anesthetic that his body could not process...

  11. I hope the hospital is being made to pay for their mistake.  I'll say some hale Mary's and keep praying. ; )

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    Any update on Matt's Dad and production?

  13. Matt's dad is fairly stable right now. He is getting physical therapy
    but not much improvement in the mental department. He is trying though.
    We will be there with him at the end of this month so the shop will be
    closed while we are away.

    In the meantime, production is continuing. We are also in the midst of
    making several molds so that we can release new product when we get back
    from Ohio.

  14. Still praying. ; )

  15. We're moving ahead in production, going to be away with the family soon, but so far things are doing well in the shop and Matt's dad is fairly stable. We're looking forward to seeing him and we hope that Matt's appearance will help his dad feel better as well.

  16. I wonder if you all have explored setting Matt's Dad up with a video cam-enabled laptop so he could run Skype or Google Video, to chat once in awhile?  A laptop I have has a built in cam and mic so everything is hands free!  Video chat could be an option to explore later.

    Of course in person is always best, being able to touch, hug, wipe away happy tears, and to feel the glow of just being there.

  17. We would love to get him to Skype but Matt's dad is not only fearful of the computer he is completely resistant to trying it or any new technologies and has been for years. He wont even get a DVR. At this stage of the dementia, even if he could use technology he wouldn't know who he is talking to. Unfortunately most of his days he is more in a land of old memories or hallucinations than here in the real world. The trip to Ohio is more for Matt and the other family than it is for his dad who doesn't remember that Matt was just there a few weeks ago. :(

  18. Oh my.  So profoundly sad.  Well at least you all know what to expect so you can be prepared.  I've noticed these kinds of events can help bring a family closer together, so being there might open avenues to explore keeping in touch with Matt's other family members.  Thanks for the update.

  19. Just a reminder that our office will be closed for much of the rest of this month while we are away. We will try to keep up with emails and forum responses while in Ohio but the live chat feature of our site will not be working, and we most likely will not be able to return phone calls. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

  20. God Bless your father for a speedy recovery!  

  21. Family first!    Always.

    God Bless you guys.

  22. Wishing you all the very best in this very tough time.

  23. Thanks to everyone for kind wishes and keeping Matt's dad in your thoughts. As some of you know Matt and Bronwen went to visit the family in early December. Matt's dad was struggling a bit at that time and it became necessary to house him full time in a retirement home. Over Christmas Matt's mom got the flu and was not able to visit her husband of 52 years in the home as she has every day since he was first taken there. Unfortunately during that week his health declined severely with symptoms including lethargy, increased temperature, low blood pressure and inability to speak. There were also some other issues which ultimately put him back in hospital on New Year's Eve. Fortunately the hospital was able to bring him back a little and make him feel better. We heard that he was speaking again on New Year's Day and asking for a beer, which is good news. From here he will be taken to another rehab facility for 4 - 5 weeks and from there to another full time retirement home. Matt and Bronwen are at the ready to go back at short notice. We hope that you'll all keep Matt's family in your thoughts and keep sending positive vibes his way.

  24. I know this is difficult to go through and our prayers continue to be with you all.

  25. It's been a while since we did an update but we do have surprisingly good news! After the pneumonia scare a couple of months ago, it sounds like Matt's dad has been steadily improving. In fact improving in ways we were informed we could never hope for. After removing some of the medicines he was on, and having recovered from the pneumonia, Matt's dad is now walking a little again, joking and has his sense of humor back. While he obviously still experiences the effects of aging (he just turned 80), dementia, Parkinsons and congestive heart failure, all things are looking good, relatively speaking. We're relieved to hear stories of him now watching sports on TV and discussing them with his wife. While this seems like maybe a trivial thing, it's something he has not been able to do for at least the past 2 years. It seems that some of the drugs do more to dull life than the ailments they are supposed to treat. We're hoping that this return to moderate awareness and some signs of the personality will remain. Thank you to everyone who sent so much care our way!

  26. This is wonderful news! I am so glad to hear he is doing well. Thanks for letting us know.
    We will keep the positive energy flowing.


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