1.  Can I get large areolas' on un-enlarged breasts?

     I have been 'building' a Sinthetics doll on the design pages.  Frankly, I don't do makeup choices that well.  Is there a 'help' (or in my case -HELP!) service to give suggestions?

  2. Hi Keith

    Yes, you can get any size areola you like. It's just paint. We can also do special nipple options (like custom puffy etc) but those cost extra and have to be handled with more care.
    These are examples of how the areola can look with different paint color and sizes:

    For make-up options you can certainly request assistance and suggestions. You can also use photos of other dolls or models as reference and we can match the look for you.

  3. what if you want a doll to look like your favorite celebrity or something

  4. We can match as closely as possible from photos using our existing heads. We can also do custom heads but that is a much larger investment. Information about custom projects is given by email only. You can read the FAQ for more general information.

  5. how do i get to that ?

  6. http://sinthetics.com/about/faq/

    For information specifically about custom projects click here: http://sinthetics.com/about/faq/#cust

  7. "Frankly, I don't do makeup choices that well."

    Relieved I'm not the only one.

    Mind you it's probably no surprise that guys are bewildered by this area.

  8. Some people do find it very overwhelming to make the finish selections, but fortunately we're here to help and we can ease the process. The best way to deal with it is to send us photos of girls or dolls you really like and we'll make suggestions from there.

  9. Gotcha


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