1. Some of us don't particulrlare care for huge breasts and sultry faces. I'm looking for a girl with a petite body, small tits, and a baby face (that if she were real, would get carded, getting into an R rated movie, or buying a pack of cigarettes). Just so you understand what i  mean, here are a few pornstars that have the kind of look, I'm looking for.    http://www.famousboard.com/threads/25383-Allie-Rose-Allie-(FTV)http://peachy18.com/t/aubrey-belle-323545.aspxhttp://peachy18.com/t/kasey-chase-274044.aspxhttp://www.worldmodeling.com/profile.php?ModelID=2305http://www.kindgirls.com/gallery/ftv/kristin_00922/kristin/12/0http://www.definebabe.com/models/165/nikki-flame/

    Is there a face/body combination in the works, that would make me happy?

  2. There are going to be two bodies, the upcoming one will have a B Cup and there will be one with an A Cup.  The body type will look like the new body just released.

  3. The body type of the 2D doesn't interest me, it's too tall and too thick.  If you have to base it on an existing body type, the original would be much better.  Personally I would prefer her to be 5'1".

    What about upcoming faces?

  4. An Asian is about ready for the mold, there will be two other female faces no ETA.  And a male face is coming, right now the male doll is top priority.

  5. I think the Alicia face is very close to the girl you're looking at - just make selections of natural make up so she is fresh-faced. The body 1B is very similar to that model's body as well. It's not far from being released so keep an eye on the site. As for the rest of it, Aphrodite has it right!

  6. I live to serve oh supreme one! LOL ;D

  7. Pft! Supreme! Well, supremely irritable in LA traffic maybe. But that's a whole other topic!

  8. Apparition, I too like petite and short, but I dont mind a little bit of meat. I have to agree with Sinthetics, the Alicia face is not too far off from the girl you posted.

  9. " irritable in LA traffic maybe"


    Should've moved to Europe!


  10. We've got the same here unfortunately... :-/


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