1. I noticed on your FAQ site you sell extra heads to customers that all ready own a Sinthetics body, How much are you selling them for and what does it include- Great forum by the way!

  2. The extra heads also work with the old Lovable Dolls. To order one we need the LD or Sin number. The heads are $650 each and include a tongue, wig and eyes of your choice. :)

  3. Hello, did you lower the price from $715 to $650 ?

  4. No, the price has always been $650.

  5. Indeed : It's $715 with upgraded eyes, but to my mind this option is a must-have : Such beautiful manikins deserves high realism eyes.

  6. What would the lead time be on a head and how much would it cost to ship?

  7. It depends on our schedule and how long the eyes take to come in. If we can get the eyes quickly we can probably ship in about a month. Unfortunately the eyes are taking about 8 weeks to come in right now... Maybe it was just slow for summer.

  8. Will you be offering a selection of male heads in the future?

  9. Once we have a male body we'll definitely have some heads to choose from. No reason for the males to get fewer options than the females! :)

  10. Yea! Very good news! Oh Key Master, you know how to make me happy!

  11. Yes!
    I'm glad to hear the male dolls will have lots of customisation too.  :D
    That is welcome news.  With the amazingly realistic female dolls, I know the males will be great as well.


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