1. Is the internal opening and canal the same with the permanent vag and the removable vag?  thanks


  2. Yes, the openings and canals are the same but the material of the body is not as soft as the material of the insert.

  3. I would like to ask this question...the honeypot inserts are they the same as a Flesh light?
    In sensation and feel inside the doll?.
    when I place my Order I would like the honeypot insert for ease of use[cleaning]

  4. No, silicone is nothing like the material used for Fleshlights. The Fleshlight material is unnaturally bouncy and squishy, silicone feels much more like real flesh. Do not expect the sensations to be the same - these materials are vastly different (Fleshlight is not silicone).

    I recommend that you jump on ODC and ask people there for their insights on the feeling of the Sinthetics. Be specific that you want to hear about Sinthetics not silicone dolls in general because they are all different.


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