1. Can the size of the foam inserts be made smaller on request?

    I would like the doll to sound solid when tapped on without that hollow watermelon like sound when tapped on.  The increased weight would not be a problem upto about 110 lbs for me.    Thanks,

    Mark and the Synthetiks

  2. The soft foam cores do not result in that hollow sound so if you got the soft foam thighs you'd get the softness and solidity that you're looking for. As part of the soft-foam package we shave the chest core down so the silicone over it is thicker. That also reduces any sense of hollowness although I have to say we've never experienced that with Sinthetics even with standard cores, and no one has ever commented that they find the Sinthetics too hard or hollow.

  3. Thanks for the reply,

    Mark and the Synthetiks


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