1. LOL, Can you give us any ideas about what the male doll is going to look like?

  2. Please, Please, Please........    and also any updates on a timeframe for release?  I know you have said 2011, and I certainly do not want it rushed....  (I am quite patient and willing to wait) but do you really think it will be available by December of this year?  Any updates would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Okay okay! We cant say what the male is going to look like except that he'll be gorgeous and the caliber of work you expect from Matt and Sinthetics. Time frame for release is between now and when he is finished. I know, that's a dickish thing to say, but we seriously don't have a firm ETA. We have a HUGE order queue right now which is impacting the speed of release on new products but we also just hired two new shop guys so hopefully we'll get to speedy progress soon. We just don't want to give out information until we have something firm, and right now, nothing is firm...

  4. Well you can't really blame us, we all remember Adam.  And let's face it Matt is the only artist alive who can achieve heartthrobs like that!  I will attempt that ugly word patients (god that made my tongue burn) I hate the "P" word!!!  : D

  5. Okay okay....   I can wait....   I know I can wait.....(I will keep telling myself that)   and I KNOW I will be that much more excited when he's finally ready for the grand unveiling...   Thank you for being honest with us that you just don't have a firm ETA yet.  That actually really does help.  I will calmly now return to waiting for news.....

    Glad to hear part of the reason for the delay is your HUGE order queue.  It's nice to see you having that success, and I hope that continues for you.

  6. Just wanted to say hi to everyone!!! And yay!!!! I'm not the only one so excited. You guys have said exactly what I was thinking, so I'll just hang out here and wait with you. ( presses hands and face into Sinthetics window). He's in there somewhere!!!

  7. Hi Happs, I'd bite my nails but I just got them done. ; D

  8. If you look REALLY hard you'll probably see some of his appendages and one head over there -->

  9. LOL! I think I do!

  10. I am really thrilled about this!  Adam was the closest thing to masculine I have ever seen in a Male doll!  I am hoping the new doll comes out with a more Mesomorph body type then anything.  Or even two versions....an ectomorph and mesomorph bodytype.  Of course I want the Mesomorph! 

  11. Hi bodybuildingbeast!!!! Welcome to the waiting game! Ohhhh, but what a good wait it is!

  12. Yes, happiness...   it is a good wait!  It is exciting to dream about the product Matt and Sinthetics will come up with....  and we are lucky enough to have owners who are willing to share pictures of the beautiful work Matt has done in the past.

  13. Hey Happiness!  Thanks for the warm welcomes!   Some times the wait is sooo worth it!   I am excited!!!

  14. I'm doing my best to wait.. But I have to say waiting is not samething I am good at... Yes I will never forget Adam oh I only hope this one will be like him... But I think it will be safe to say Matt will make this one even better.... Once you have seen a Sinthetics doll you could never Buy anything else...

  15. Deafleopard, you are so right! Sinthetics has set the bar high. No other doll comes close.

  16. Sinthetics, you made reference to multiple faces for males will you also have multiple body types at release as well?  Such as thin, average and/or muscular?

  17. Darth, no there will not be multiple body types at release. The bodies are extremely expensive and time consuming to make. Just like the female dolls, we'll start with 1 and add over the course of time.

  18. If the first body comes close to Adam, he will be a huge success!!!! I'm keeping myself busy trying to decide on skin tone, eye color, and hair.
    Will Sinthetics be offering a choice of wigs? Or could a buzz cut be painted on and sealed?

  19. The first body will have the details of Adam and the Sinthetics, but the body type will be slimmer and therefore easier to manage. Also a little taller. There are already a whole bunch of wigs to choose from, we just haven't put them on the site because we don't want to risk people pre-ordering. I'll make sure to upload them as soon as the male is added to the shopping cart. A buzz cut can be painted on and sealed, so that will be one of the options. :)

  20. That sounds very good!  Thank you for the info.


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