1. Hey there,

    I'm torn between the two different body types. I love boobs, I also like height! So between 1H and 2D, I've got quite the dilemma.

    Do you have any side by side photos of the two bodies? Preferably full nudes, one shot from front and another shot from the side?

    These photos would also be an awesome addition to your FAQ page, and sure to help anyone wanting a comparison between the 2 body types.

  2. We will make a point of taking some this weekend. We have a bunch of dolls in the studio right now. I'll also add them to the FAQ. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. Great! I look forward to seeing them.

  4. As a starter, here is a photo of a Milk body 1H with enlargement next to a Honey body 2D. This was taken by Camp or Incred at the Doll Meet in July. We thank them for getting this photo!


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