1. Hey guys i ordered these less then a month ago and i can't be any happier.  Originally i was going to order just one tone, but then i contacted them via the site and payed the extra $100 via paypal.  These are two toned short feet Style A i believe, the original short feet.  I'm sorry i just don't like the newer style, the feet look too chunky plus i like the toes and soles better on these!!!  I have a thing for Ebony feet and soles, i don't know why lol.  My impression is that they feel very real, and look amazing.  I remember looking at them and thinking for a second that it was weird that they looked so real especially with dim lighting.  The feet are soft, they kinda feel as if they are moist/sticky a bit like how a real womans feet get when they take their shoes off after a couple of hours.  I highly recommend this style and i'm sure i'll buy another pair later on down the road.  If you're on the fence and don't think you should spend the $350 that these 2 toned go for, just do it.  They look much more real then one solid color.  Shipping and updates/emails were really good from Bronwen, thanks buddy!!  The white box is discrete aswell, it doesn't say FEET on the box or anything that would make someone wonder lol.

    PS sorry for the messy and crappy backgrounds lol...it was the only good lighting i had on the garbage pale.

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures. We're glad to hear you like the feet so much!

  3. Hi, your photos are really very nice but I would like to know what you used your feet apart to take pictures.
    Have you ever tried to make footjob ? Going well? it goes between the toes?
    Thank you kindly answer me and maybe show me a picture


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