1. Hey guys,

    I'm the lead developer for the Sinthetics Workshop. We launched an update to the designer last night that should make browsing through and designing your dolls much more fluid, and the site loads a lot faster now, too.

    If you have any problems or run into any errors, you can post them here and I'll see what I can do.

    Other ideas for the site are welcome as well!

  2. The changes you made are wonderful.  They offer a better look of the makeup colors, so choosing the best colors for the doll is much easier.  I would suggest that color options for the aureola be given.  And to make skin tone choosing more accurate show the actual silicone in each color.  The current way isn't 100% accurate and makes the process a little more difficult.

  3. We're really excited about the faster loading version of the ordering system, and the added option to see bigger pictures with descriptions. Everyone thank Calciphus for his vision!

    Aphrodite - we cannot add an option for the areola colors because there are just too many variations to add. We invite all clients to upload photo reference to their orders if they want a specific size or color.

    The skin tone pictures shown are actually clips of the silicone. The large image makes it easier to determine the skin tones because it shows them side-by-side. Individually it is difficult to see especially with different computer monitor settings and background colors. It is always best to order silicone samples to see in your home, and also compare photos of the shipped dolls so you can see how the skin tones look in the full dolls in daylight.


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