1. First of all, once more congratulations for the three new galeries related to Alicia 2D ! I love these pics !!!

    I also noticed there were two new sets of pictures in the Delivered Sinthetics section of your website : The first one shows a gorgeous brunette Celeste and the second one an amazing blonde Celeste. I'm always surprised to see so different results from the same face. Celeste deserves to be a best-seller !

    Maybe should you check these new files for I fear they are much too compressed...
    The very first image makes me wonder about the real hair eyebrows : Are there JPEG artefacts close to eyebrows due to compression of the file, or is it just because real hair eyebrows are made like lace front wigs (hairs fixed on a fiber tape that will be glued on skin)?

  2. These are the two most recently shipped Sinthetics. Both have real hair eyebrows which are hand-tied hairs on lace. The lace is then adhered to the face to be as invisible as possible. Even with best application it is slightly visible from close up.

  3. Kroff,

    I love the real hair eyebrows on my Shannon.  Looks great in person and rarely shows the lace edges in photos.  In fact, I really don't recall ever retouching her eyebrows.  That's not to say I wouldn't if I felt the need.

    I'm so impressed with the real hair eyebrows that I wish I had them on my other two Sinth heads.

    If you want, take a look at my gallery of Shannon photos over at ourdollcommunity.com.  

  4. Hello Perry, thanks for your comments.

    I love your galleries that I already knew of course. Shannon is a wonderful model, especially with her redhair wig... :-)

    I read somewhere there is another opportunity for eyebrows (and pubic hairs) : Silicone can be pierced with a little needle and inside each hole one can glue a unique hair. This is surely a bit tedious because you have to place hairs one by one, but finally the result is perfect it seems.

    Did you already try this at Sinthetics ? Could it be another option available ?
    Might be also useful for the future male manikin (mustache, beard...) I guess.

  5. We have done tests with real hair brows individually hand punched. We do the pubic hair that way. With the pubic hair it works fine because the hairs are longer and there are more of them, and they dont have to hold a shape. With the eyebrows, the hairs want to stick up and out, rather than lying as human brows actually do. After many tests and different attempts, we came to the conclusion that the look and durability of the hairs on the net are a better option than trying to individually hand punch... That is especially true on the female faces where the brows are usually finer and shorter haired...


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