1. I would like to know what maximum breast / cup size can be made on the dolls?  I see where there are examples of "enlarged" but believe it or not I want more!!!

    Seeing/getting them even larger will make the order happen for me..


  2. Aviator, we can go a maximum of maybe 120cc in the body 1H which would push it to something like a 28I bra size. The difficulty with the enlargements is that at a certain point they look like balloons rather than natural breasts. If you don't care if they have a round balloonish shape we'll take them as large as practicality will allow. Do date we have not done an enlargement that big so we don't know the exact size or cc value. Please contact us at Sales@Sinthetics.com with specifics about what you're looking for and we can discuss it.

  3. Sales,

    Well I do not want basketball boobs.  I noticed in possibly the gallery not sure, a model with bra shown.  What bra size was that?  My wife can't help with explaining it either.  I suppose the best thing for me to do in-order to get some idea is to figure out how/what 120cc looks like.  Not sure how to do that yet.  Any hints would be helpful.


  4. I just went back and looked at the "enlarged" body 1H.  How many cc's approximate are they?  I would like them larger than that say one or two full cup sizes but now I am guessing.


  5. On a breast as large as the 1H, 1 cup size (approximately) is 90cc. Because the breasts are VERY big to begin with, they dont have as much visible change as other breasts. For example, the same amount of extra silicone in the body 2D would result in a much bigger enlargement. To give you a point of reference, an additional cup size is approximately 1 more inch on the over-breast measurement. We cannot go up 3 or 4 cup sizes on that body without distorting the breast shape completely. It is only safe to go up 1 or at most 2 sizes total. The milk colored body 1H in our galleries has a 90cc/100cc enlargement. As far as bra sizes go, the correct size for a standard body 1H is a 28H. That said these are DOLLS so I make them wear whatever I've got. It's not like the bra actually has to fit or give support. The pink bra in the Monique set is a 36D (the largest that style came in). I had to make it smaller around the ribs and it sits up on the boobs rather than cupping underneath because the cups are much too small. No real girl with breasts that big could wear that bra.

  6. Hi,

    I too can share Aviator's thoughts.  I would like to see bigger boobs on your dolls as well!

    Please read my analysis.

    My thoughts are this:  
    Cup size is a relative size, rather than an absolute size.  Although the body 1H doll has relatively big boobs for her frame, her frame is fairly small.  I'd like to see a doll with bigger boobs in an absolute sense.  If this means a bigger frame, so be it.

    Stating that the doll is a "H cup" is slightly misleading, because the doll has an uncommonly small 28 band size.   A 28 band size would be exceedingly small for any real woman, and highly uncommon.  Thus, a 28H cup certainly looks big on a small frame, but on a bigger frame, a 28H cup sized boob is not exceedingly large.     A rule of thumb for bra sizing is that you get the same size cup whenever you increase the band size 2 inches, and decrease the cup size by one cup.     So....... a 28H is equivalent to a 30G, or a 32F, a 34E, or a 36DD.  This all describes the same size "boob".

    Here is a chart that displays what I mean:  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9b/Cup_size_comparison.svg

    Although an "H" cup looks big looks big on any given frame... in an absolute sense, a 38H would be much, much larger than a 28H!  It would be several times the "handful" to play with.   What I'm saying, is that I'd prefer a doll with the volume of boobs more like a 36H or 38H, rather than a 28H.

    This is a good visual example.   In your video here:  http://sinthetics.com/gallery/videos-2/ ,each of the man's hands are nearly large enough to cover each of the doll's boobs.   I'd prefer a doll with more than one handful of boobage!

  7. So please, either by
    A)  allowing us to greatly enhance body 1H or 2D, or by
    B)  you creating a new bustier frame...

    please allow us to purchase a doll with truly "huge" boobs.   :)

    I feel like I understand what Aviator is saying, and I second his request, when I state that we want a very busty doll.  No manufacturer is currently willing to manufacture such a doll. 

    If your current 1H doll wears a 28H bra, which is the equivalent of a 32F, her breasts should be roughly equivalent to the Ruby 13 doll.   Ruby13 wears a 32F bra.   

    I'd be willing to buy one of your dolls if you could come out with a doll that wears a 32J perhaps (which is the equivalent of a 34 I,  or 38H).  Is this something that you'd be willing to work on?   The bigger the better!

  8. No manufacturer is currently willing to manufacture such a doll.

    You should wonder why...
    There was Body 9 from another manufacturer but they stopped production for technical reasons, despite they had lots of interested people by such big boobs.

    They explained to me all the problems such breasts cause : Weight of the Doll, major risk of silicone tearing, distorsion of the breast shape etc etc...
    Silicone is much too heavy, fragile and breakable. A new material is needed but it is still to discover ! In the future maybe...

  9. It was my understanding that the Realdoll B9 was made from the old tin silicone, which was somewhat brittle and not very pliant.  The old tin silicone was less durable, and it was prone to tearing in general.

    Surely an equally busty doll could be successfully made from the newer platinum silicone formulas!  Perhaps some kind of gel mixture would work much better for the boob areas.  I'm no scientist, I would just like to see a doll with those epic proportions again, something like a 32J or bigger.   I would buy one from Sinthetics if they could accomplish it.

  10. Update:  It seems 1st PC dolls has recently released a 32j doll, called "Melanie Mellons".   However, I have heard the 1st PC quality is not too good, and these dolls are nowhere near as beautiful as Sinthetics dolls are.  

    Website:  http://1st-pccom.x-shops.com/product.php?productid=17538&cat=249&page=1

    Everything else being equal, I would rather have a beautiful Sinthetics "work of art" rather than a 1st PC doll.

    Sinthetics ---   Could you make a busty doll with proportions similar to this??  That would be awesome.

  11. I think there are several other problems to consider :

    1) If you intend to "play" with this kind of doll, and not only to take photographs of "her", such a heavy body is not something easy to deal with. It would be like wrestling with a big bag of potatoes... It cannot be as easy as with a real girl because a Doll is totally passive. And a bad manipulation during sex could damage the breasts that are, in this case, a very fragile part of the body.

    2) If the Doll rests for a quite long time on her belly that could damage her breasts too.

    3) It's always a problem to find clothes that fit to such anatomies. Even real girls with huge breasts have real problems to find clothes that fit to them and their choices are very limited.

    I'd really like to see such a Doll too, but I think disadvantages are too numerous. If platinum silicone was THE answer body 9 would be available again.

  12. There will be other bodies with other breast sizes in the future but we are always limited by the weight problem. A doll with a body that supports a 36" or larger rib size PLUS huge boobs would be super heavy even if it was short. For that reason alone it's not likely to happen. We try to make what the most people want but all new bodies are very expensive to make and take a long time. With requests as they stand you will see two small breasted dolls (versions of bodies 1 and 2) and male dolls from Sinthetics before we even entertain another female body. Also, keep in mind that Matt's hands in the video are unusually large. He is a very big guy and his hands are evidence of that. He's definitely outside the "average" range. And even then, the body 1H boobs are way  more than a handful for him - those boobs are huge.

  13. Sinthetics -

    I do recognize that weight would be a burdensome issue.  As such, something like a 32J body would be great.

    I would be interested in seeing how bodies 1H and 2D look when their breasts are enlarged to the max, though.  That might be an option for me and other like-minded guys.

  14. This is the body 1H enlarged to the max. Any bigger than this and the shape deforms and looks like basketballs.

    We are considering doing an enlargement on the studio body 2D when we've done more photos of her in her standard incarnation. Keep an eye on the site to see if we do those in a few weeks.

  15. This site:

    ... is supposed to cater for the larger lady.

  16. This picture was taken by a client who visited recently... It's my hand in front of Matt's hand (just as a size reference). My hands are much more "normal" in size.


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