1. Couple of questions for you guysI will be Buying a Sinthetic in the Future proberly when your second body is availbe as I have now seen on video of your fantastic product!!!!!I plan to use my Sin for photoshoots,Retro underwear fetish style Fifties and early sixties glamour look.Now some of the clothing will have metal clipped garters and boned corsets...[think of betty page and dita von tease]..How safe is it to use this clothing on my Sin? will the metal clips cause damage? also do I need to wash the clothing,Nylons ect before putting on the doll?[Black being the main colour I favour? Will it stain the silcon?.Also If I choose to buy the enlargement option how fragile are the breasts? is there a danger of the Skin splitting? or is the skin stronger without the enlargement?.I need to ask these questions because this would be the main reason I am choosing to buy your productfor photo shoots and your dolls are the most realistic I have ever seen!!!keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Terry, thanks for your post. The body 2D is available now.

    When using clothes with metal clips and bones, you need to buy a size larger than you'd expect so that you don't pinch and tear the silicone. You can always clip or pin the clothes in back so they look tight for photos. We make a habit of removing boning from clothes including underwires from bras. The channel for the wire keeps the look of boning but without the risk of poking or tearing the silicone. Compression is less of an issue because minor marks will come out by themselves over time (just like on people). If you cause a cut or a tear, however, you'll need to repair that so it's something to avoid at all costs.

    You do need to make a habit of washing dark or brightly dyed clothes to prevent color transfer. If you do end up with a stain on the silicone it will go away by itself in a few days - don't try to scrub it off.

    If you get the enlargement there is no durability impact - we limit how large we'll go with the enlargements so that we don't strain the silicone too far. It would take extremely rough handling to make the breasts split under any circumstances. The biggest thing you'll need to learn is how to properly move and position your doll for best poses and durability. There will be videos on our site to add to the descriptions already there on proper use and handling.

  3. Thank you very much for responding very quickly...sooo basicaly get a size larger for my Sin.
    wash clothing.
    take out any support for underwired bras or corsets.
    Just treat your doll with respect like a real lady!.

  4. Exactly! More than anything the last one. :D

  5. Terry: if you are thinking of a silicon version of Gil Elvgren then I'm sure we'd all like to see those pictures!


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