1. I wished to add a doll stand + wheels to my order but it seems there is no link to login anymore. Am I wrong ?

  2. We were doing some updates this weekend and had a problem with the accessories page being down yesterday which we're looking into. Hopefully everything should be back to normal this week. Sorry for any inconvenience. In the meantime, I have added a stand to your order.

  3. Oh great, thank you very much !

  4. Kroff, has the issue been fixed or are you still having trouble?

  5. Well... It seems my password is incorrect. Maybe I forgot it, I just don't know...

    It would be useful to have the opportunity to receive login and password by email I think.

  6. It works fine, my password was just wrong :-)

  7. Okay, good to hear. If you have any issues like that again, let us know by email. We can reset the password so you can go and save a new one - we cannot see your password or access it but we can override it to let you make a change.


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