1. Have you ever considered making replicas (castings) of  pornstar feet? I remember seeing images of making castings from pornstar feet from the old site. It would be fantastic if you could make castings of Ashlynn Brooke's  or Gia Mancini's (FM Concepts) feet.  Is this possible?

  2. I like this idea as well.  I think that it would add to the fantasy and aid the imagination to be able to associate a certain person's face to the pair of feet, whether the feet belong to a pornstar or not.  However, privacy concerns would be much less of an issue using an adult movie star.

  3. We would consider this with the adult stars. We dont know who the best adult stars are within the foot fetish community though. As long as the models agree and we can strike a mutually beneficial agreement we'd be willing to discuss it.

  4. Thanks for the reply. (My wishful suggestion) it might be cool if you had a cross-promotional agreement with one of the bigger foot-fetish specialty studios (like fm concepts) to sell the feet along with videos of their top stars.

  5. I'm interested. My first choice would be Stephanie Rage-who made 163 adult films but may no longer be modeling.
    Rebecca Lord many adult films
    Brea Bennett 50 adult films and fmconceptsinc.com
    Trista Mallory fmconceptsinc.com
    Christina Kazan fmconceptsinc.com

  6. Also Nicole Sheridan 300+ adult films e.g. Footage, Foot Work, L.E.G.S.

  7. I've been thinking about this idea. It would be truly awesome if the feet came with their own special video starring the model. She could give JO encouragement, talking about the feet as if she was really there. I don't think I could survive that, but it would be worth it.

  8. Thanks for such excellent suggestions. We'll keep them in mind for sure.


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