1. Would Sinthetics consider to make a smiling face for Celeste in the future ?

    Is there enough people interested by such an option ?

  2. We would definitely be interested in doing a smiling face, especially if there is enough interest. It would not be a big grin though, maybe a more subtle, sweet smile. What do you think?

  3. I think it would be great for photographs !

    To my mind a subtle smile doesn't involve the creation of a new head, so it may be profitable even if there are not numerous people interested from the very beginning.

  4. A different expression actually does require a new head. Smiles affect a lot more than just the mouth, so the whole face has to be reworked which of course then requires new molds. Nonetheless, it is doable.

  5. A subtle, sweet smile sounds great. I'd definitely be interested.

  6.      A sweet, possibly sexy smile would be better than the laugh-out-loud expression. If the idea takes off, a range of smiles might be in order. Depending on jaw movement and tightness, the lips could be closed, or the jaw could be opened slightly to expose a little of the teeth. The primary concern here would be tears at the sides of the mouth. Jaw motion range would have to be limited.

         For a full-face effect, the eyebrows would need to be molded in very slighly arched positions. Sometimes you can see a smile just in the eyes of the wearer. Matt K would be the best one to comment on this.

  7. Sure ! Matt is able to make a subtle smiling face which could be used in various situations.

    But I don't think tears is something to be afraid of : It is clearly not a face that could/should be used in a sexual purpose. It's a must for photographers and for any people considering their manikin as a piece of art.

    So it seems there's a market for a smiling face... As far as I'm concerned I'm ready to place the order right now ! :-)

  8. I'll let Matt know there's good interest for a smiling Celeste. That said, he has 3 unfinished new heads on his work bench right now and several other custom and new development projects underway (not to mention production). If a smiling head comes to fruition I think the earliest he would have time to address it would be in 2012.

  9. Doesn't Alicia have a subtle smile?

  10. A very very subtle smile it seems, but I'd wish something obvious.

  11. Yes, Alicia does have an intentional subtle smile.

    Noq, we do not make molded eyebrows. The eyebrows are either painted on or the real hair is glued on. The real hair brows only come in one shape/expression but Matt can paint a variety of expressions with the standard brows. If you look at the photos in the delivered dolls gallery you will see that often the brows are different based on the personality a client is trying to achieve.


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