1. Any reviews on this?  

    I've looked everywhere and i cant find a review.  Just wondering how the quality/texture/feel is?  I'm torn between this or the other competitor's toros.


  2. None of these have been sold since the Sinthetics silicone finish and softness was changed. It seems most people are not into the torsos... :( if you read the reviews of softness and feel of the dolls, however, you'll have a good idea how this will feel since it's made with the same materials.

  3. Wait a moment.  NONE of these have been sold?  amazing.  ppl are really missing out.  I have a Jenna Jameson lower torso and although it's nice, the position is extremely awkward.  These full sized torsos seem appealing to me.  

    You mentioned that the silicone finish and softness was changed?  so the Quarter Torso feels a lot more different?  

  4. Also, i know this may be asking much but is there a different shot/view?  I'm looking for a photo that will show me the rear or bottom more.  

    Thanks a million

  5. There is no back side to this piece Wayne, it's flat on the part that is underneath. It was designed this way so that you can put it on the bed or whatever surface and use it "missionary" style.

    And no, none of these has been sold since we switched to the softer silicone. We think it's because people who buy from us are usually after the dolls so they just decide to wait. The softness of the piece makes it easier to enter than it was, and it has that lovely skin texture on it without shine or stickiness, so it's very nice.

  6. Oh darn.  I was hoping for a full sized lower torso.  However, I still have to hand it to you guys.  Your product = work of art.  

    Hmm, i'll still consider purchasing your product.  Perhaps sometime soon.  

    Thank you again.


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