1. Do you have any advice to help me buying shoes ?

    The Body 2 shoe size is supposed to be 7 (USA size), but does it mean it will fit to any kind of shoes ?

    Or should I always buy 7.5 size to be sure it will be easier to deal with ?

    Some kind of shoes are rather difficult to wear for a silicone manikin (especially over-the-knee boots). In this case should I buy something like 8.0 or more ?

    Open toe pumps are easier to use but it would be obvious on pictures there's a problem with shoes if their size is wrong (too big for instance). So in this case should I only buy 7.0 size shoes ?

    I do not want to damage the feet of my Doll when using closed toe pumps. So should I buy 7.5 only ?

    Ordering things on the Web is something really tricky because there's no try allowed, and beautiful shoes are often very expensive too... So I do not want to make a mistake... I hope this thread can be useful to many other people. Thanks for your help !

  2. The body 2D has a US 6.5 foot size, so size 7 shoes are going to be a safe size to fit well without squishing the toes. You can go up a full size to the 7.5 (or even 8) in a closed-toe shoe if you like. Sandals in the 6.5 size are also fine. Our standards when shopping for shoes:
    Criteria 1: Open toe = actual size or half size up
    Criteria 2: Closed toe = half to full size larger
    Criteria 3: If the shoes are a good price and we think they'll be great for photos, we can use shoes anywhere between actual size and 1.5 sizes too large.
    Criteria 4: If the shoes are closed-toe they must be easy to slip on. Boots, MUST have a zipper. No pull-on boots.
    Criteria 5: The new peep-toe styles with most of the foot covered are usually too difficult to get on without a stocking so keep that in mind when selecting.
    Criteria 6: Always keep stockings and lacy shoe liners available to ease putting on the shoes.

    I would strongly recommend giving http://www.amiclubwear.com a try. I buy LOTS of shoes from them on the clearance sales for photography. I give myself a $15 limit per pair of shoes/boots and always order more than $50 of merchandise to get free shipping. The sizes can be hit or miss so usually I buy the closest by 1/2 or 1 size since dolls dont really care if the shoe is comfortable.

  3. Very precious answers, thank you so much ! :-)

    And this website seems very interesting indeed...


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