1. What where the names of the male models you where looking at for the male dolls?

  2. We're open to suggestion on models for reference. You can post pictures of whomever you like so that others viewing can agree or disagree, or add their own. We are continually adding to our database and have thousands of pictures of hundreds of models.

  3. I'm looking forward to your male Sinthetics.

    I think whomever you had for the previous male LD was an excellent choice, if it's possible to use hi again, but I do have a few others:
    Trent Ford -

    Mark Cox -

    Alex Pettyfer -

    I simply linked pictures from other sites, if this is wrong... please delete my post, I really don't know what I'm doing and don't mean to violate copyrights.
    And I'm pretty sure none of them would agree to be a model for the manikin, but perhaps for reference, or to find a similar looking model, these are my suggestions.

  4. The Adam LD was based on the body of a friend and the face was sculpted by Matt from scratch. The face was an amalgam of several models. The Sinthetics males will probably start the same way - the body of an actual model and faces sculpted with certain looks in mind. You'll see the first one before the end of 2011.

  5. Matt did an amazing job the face is so life-like.  I'm looking forward to what he can do again.
    I hope you will consider the models I suggested for those certain looks - to amalgamise them with Matt's magic. :)

  6. I am hoping for a doll with this kind of shape.  Ultra masucline.

  7. BBB, if you send me your picture I'll get it uploaded for you. Either that, or just make sure that you are putting in the correct URL when you insert the picture (from where you have it saved online). It should end in .jpg, .gif or something similar.


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