1. Just a suggestion, I was wondering if you guys are thinking of doing different types of short feet model sizes like large, wide or even meatier soles other than the Style A and 1H? Just like these for example:

  2. We have models lined up for large feet (sizes 11 and 13) if the demand is great enough to produce those feet. We have not had any requests for "meaty" to date so those are not on the agenda. If someone wanted a custom project we can certainly do it but when it comes to standard development, we gear that by whatever is getting the most demand.

  3. Oh Ok, I understand! Is the 2D body's feet "meaty" or Large?

  4. No, the body 2 has cute petite little feet.

  5. I am not a fan of those feet, please stick to the ones you already have; to my opinion they are one of the major advantages in your models

  6. I understand Emad! I mean like... I want to see a "thick" foot model! Not too skinney like the style A, and a bit more thick like the 1H! Just like the third picture with the heels, not too fat. You know what I mean?

  7. I'll stick to the sexy slender feet thank you.  Those women need a pedicure in the worst way.  No offense Realistic, I know that that's your fetish, but they are nauseating.  I would never buy a doll with feet like that.

  8. Nah! I understand you all! You guys are missing the point, those pictures were just examples! I would hate to have a girlfriend not take care of her feet, It's disgusting! What I'm trying to say is that I like some females that has thick feet! Not too fat, but just medium. Like I said before, just like the third example picture with the heels! Nice, clean, slender, and a bit thick just like the 1H! Now you guys understand where I'm coming from?... I should've just post the third picture. -_-

  9. No worries, you explained it better now.

  10. ditto


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