1. Hi, can you tell me when the pixie head will be available? I think she will be a gorgeous doll

  2. Hello Tionfrey and welcome to the forum. The pixie head is available now as one of our standard options. No need to wait! :)

  3. Thanks for the answer, I think I will wait and see what other bodies you produce in the future, as I was hoping for a smaller breasted model.  Thanks

  4. Are there any new heads in the works? Perhaps maybe an asian style head? -nudge nudge-
    Looking forward to seeing what you guys come out with. :)

  5. After the D Cup model that's coming out soon there will be a body with a A-Cup and then one with a B-Cup.  Where the body types will be the same the breasts will be smaller.  The new body types are more shapely then the first body that has been out.

  6. A smaller breasted body 1 is imminent - give us a few months.

    An Asian head is also in the works - it's too hot right now to work with clay but once we have AC installed or come up with another solution that head will be finished and released.

  7. I'm hoping for a Japanese female doll.


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