SOLD – Flawed body 2A for sale

July 7, 2015

We are offering the second prototype 2A in Dolce skin tone for sale, first-come first-served. She has a flaw which caused the gel to be too close to the bottom curve of the breasts. She will always be a little fragile in this area and will need to be handled with care. She is otherwise flawless. She will be finished to the new owner’s specifications for all details except those already present.

* Body 2A,
* Dolce,
* Built-in entries,
* Soft thighs,
* metal thigh bones,
* new softer silicone.
All other details are open to your selection. She will ship AFTER Balc receives his 2A – he commissioned that body type so he gets the first delivery. Estimated ship date for this doll is about 8 weeks.

Also our prices are increasing later this week when our new shopping cart goes live! Asking price for this 2A is $5,200 plus upgrades and freight.  First come first serve. Payment in full at the time of order. If you’re having difficulty entering the order through the current shopping cart, please email for help.

Here is the actual doll:

Here are some other angles of the 2A shown in French Vanilla with the Yuriko head.

8 thoughts on “SOLD – Flawed body 2A for sale

  1. Cary

    The dolce skin color ? Is it tan or as komiko In display?
    Also Canadian dollar at all time low
    Any wiggle room on price?
    Is flawed product still taxed?

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      The Dolce is a dark tanned color. You can order silicone samples to see the color in person. It’s almost impossible to accurately tell color on a computer monitor. There is no wiggle room on price. The doll is already heavily discounted. You will have to pay tax on the flawed doll – despite the breast issue she is still new and therefore taxable. Please email for more information


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