Flawed 1B for sale

October 31, 2014

We were hoping it wouldn’t be a day of tricks on Halloween, but we have an unfortunate issue which is a treat for a new buyer!

We’ve been testing all kinds of silicone the past few months to make the Sinthetics softer and more durable (a HARD combination to create)! This doll is available for sale because the silicone tests looked promising but the actual doll tears too easily. She already has tears in the armpits just from our standard shop processes. She feels wonderfully soft but she probably will be prone to atypical tearing during use. If you don’t mind the risk and you’re willing to treat her nicely, this little lady sold at a considerable discount maybe just what you’re looking for.

Body 1B
Soft thighs
Chai skin tone

Choose all the details aside from those listed above to have her completed to your specifications. Finish time will be about 4 – 5 weeks while we wait for the eyes to come in. We’ll repair the armpit tears the best we can before painting. The purchase price is $4,000 plus upgrades and freight. Payment must be made all at one time. Whoever takes this lady home will not be able to raise the arms past a 45 degree angle, and will have to be cautious in how far the legs can be spread. This is probably NOT a good first-timer doll.

The sale is offered first come first served. To order, please add your order through our system with your specifications and the ones already existing in the doll. Add a comment after submitting the order that you want the flawed doll. We’ll adjust the price and add freight. Please email any questions to sales@sinthetics.com.

4 thoughts on “Flawed 1B for sale

  1. lim taeksun

    I want to buy.

    2b model

    Please just contact.

    Do you change to a different face?

    Does armpit repairable?


    1. Sinthetics Post author

      Please review the listing for details. You select ANY head you want. We will repair the armpits but they may tear again. This is the 1B not a 2D (we do not make a 2B).

  2. James D

    Does this mean your back making the 2B models as I have one on order but I am more into durable then if it’s sacrifice softness as you want your doll to stand up to normal wear for years to come?


    1. Sinthetics Post author

      We do not make a 2B. We have 2A, 2D and 1B. We have resumed production and shipping on all body types. The silicone change is universal – the new material is much softer than the previous material and is showing great tear strength in tests. Only time will tell how the two types compare for long-term durability. But all our in-house testing proved this new material to be a better option overall. We would not have made the change if it wasnt for the better.


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