Fingernails and Toenails!

February 5, 2019

Did you know we carry a large stock of beautiful art nails you can choose from? Following are the nails we have in stock as of the beginning of February 2019. In many cases we only have one set of each style available so they are very limited in supply.

* For the 3D nail art keep in mind that these are higher maintenance nails so you need to be more careful in moving and posing your doll.

** Longer fingernails than standard can be more delicate or prone to catching on surfaces. Hands should be covered with stockings in bed or while dressing and posing to prevent snags or twisting the fingers.

*** In some cases with the 3D nails the applique may be on a different finger than the one shown, depending on the size of the nail bed.

If there isn’t a style here that you like, you can always ask us to source nails especially for you!

2 thoughts on “Fingernails and Toenails!

  1. Cal

    Very pretty! They’re like decorative candy, I can’t stop looking at them. My favourite is picture number 32, but the fine art on number 26 is also amazing.


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