Dolls for sale, shipped & videos!

September 25, 2012

We are busy busy busy in preparation for our exhibition in Berlin next month. To make space for new studio dolls we have a body 1H and a 1B up for sale. Check out the post about those two sexy ladies!

We also did a large shipment last week so check out the 5 lovely ladies most recently shipped on our delivered dolls gallery. There were a lot of upgraded options within the group!

Today we got 3 new videos up for everyone. We know many have waited a long time for the 2D breast softness video. Wait no longer! View that video plus the other new ones on our Videos page.

2 thoughts on “Dolls for sale, shipped & videos!

  1. Albert

    I´m a newbie at this doll world, a few days ago i can´t imagine about it….
    I have benn looking for info about the diferent firms sites, and finally i´m thinking about ruby13 and you. It seems ruby 13 is a very nice product (for explicit fun mainly), but their faces are…. it don´t really like. But yours are…. fantastastic.
    So here is my question, you both two work with platinum silicone, the same materials…. but can’t you get jiggling breasts like them?

    Thank u.

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      Platinum in silicone is the curing agent – that is all the term specifies. There are a LOT of different types of Platinum silicone and a lot of different additives. We do not use the same materials or manufacture techniques as Ruby13. Our dolls are produced to be the best combination of realism, beauty, usability, softness and durability. The breasts on our dolls will never melt or fall off because we use a stable gel that is intended to be a gel (as opposed to adding softeners to other materials that are not intended to be gels). People who visit our facility and have experience with different doll brands frequently express surprise at how soft our dolls are.


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