Doll Meet Success & new products!

August 2, 2013

We were very happy to host the 3rd annual Syns@Sins in our studio in Los Angeles to coincide with one of the larger national doll community meets. It is always fun to see our old friends and add new ones to the group, and to show off what we have going on. This year the attendees did a lot of touristy stuff and enjoyed our beautiful weather in LA. On Thursday we did the annual shopping trip during which Bronwen takes a group to the Garment District to pick out clothes, shoes, wigs and accessories for the silicone lasses. The Polymerisian ladies will get over being left at home once all their presents arrive – they were very spoiled! Members of the meet also visited Mechadoll while in town. Often the group tries to visit with all of the local southern California manufacturers but unfortunately this year only two were available. (Thanks to Jesse1965 for the picture.)


On Saturday afternoon we hosted our open house. This is an informal opportunity for doll enthusiasts to meet other iDollators and the team at Sinthetics, and see how we make the dolls. The meets are a great way to get practical information on doll ownership as well as making new friends within the hobby. Most years visitors will bring dolls of different brands to visit us. Unexpectedly the only other brand attendees this year were here for repairs. This year we did production displays including hair punching with Michelle, pouring of a doll, doll demolding and a variety of other things. We had a very nice buffet lunch provided by Chef Sam, for which we thank her. It was tasty as always! Also on hand where the new items still in sculpting including the upcoming body 2A and some new heads, and the recently completed our Lotta torso. This item is a quarter torso in the full round (meaning it has buttocks) and a 50″ hip size! Look for Lotta to be added to our site in coming weeks.

While the Open House is just one day, the meet lasts for 5 days which included a very wide array of activities. On Sunday morning we started a new tradition of going to get dim sum in China Town. Not only is it a delicious meal in a cute area, it’s also a very good way to catch up and wrap up. Especially if you want to grab a few more goodies at great prices before heading out of town. We even continued with some meetings and meals through Monday evening with hopes of some very exciting future projects.

We were excited to include doll celebs Amber Hawk Swanson and Davecat amongst this year’s attendees. It was fun to spend them with them again. They always bring so much spark and laughter. Thank you to everyone who attended in 2013. Your presence makes these things so much fun, and our attendees are the reason we are happy to offer the annual open house. We hope to meet more excellent doll folks next year!

3 thoughts on “Doll Meet Success & new products!

  1. Ace

    Thanks for hosting.
    It was fun meeting everyone and I had a blast.
    The community was very welcoming and I’ll definitely try get involved with more of that weekend’s events next year.
    BTW, Davecat and Amber were way cool to meet in person.
    10 out of 10.

  2. Davecat

    This year’s Syns@Sins was the most fun I’ve had since the 2011 edition! My only regret was not taking enough photos, but that was probably due to me having too much fun chatting with fellow iDollators, and fondling Sinthetic feet. 🙂 Pencil me in for next year!

  3. incred

    It was great to see everyone again, and meeting new faces. Always good to see what is new, and this year we saw one doll being poured while another was freed from her mold. See you there Davecat 😉


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