Discount, Pics, & CES! Oh, my!

December 31, 2017

We have tons of year end news to share, as well as some photos and another discount scavenger hunt.

Since we’re ushering out the old year, let’s talk about that first.
Early in 2017 we had some serious material flaws with the new silicone so we switched again to a soft material with much better durability. The breasts now are SUPER soft and jiggly. The breasts shown in the video below are on the body 1H which used to be our firmest breasts.

Midyear we switched to all metal spines and thighs for better durability of the skeletons. We remain the only doll maker in the world who provides a warranty on the skeleton. We also implemented a new bonding mechanism in the thighs to prevent an issue of separation that happened in some dolls, especially after exposure to extreme pressure changes or falls.

In July we started a huge employee change over, except Robert who has been with us doing the skeletons and other technical duties for the past 3+ years. Robert is also now leading the doll pours. At the beginning of the fall, we brought in 2 full time lab techs to do the pouring of all the accessory items and to help support overall production. Sasha also joined the team to do customer service and accessories shipping part time. Aside from these people we also added our painter, Skyler, and our in-house hair artist Kelsey. This fantastic team has made such a huge difference to the business and they have contributed to taking our production time for most accessory items from about 3 months to 4 – 6 weeks. We’re now all directing this same attention and now-proven strategy to doll deliveries and expect to see great things in 2018.

Continuing our plans for growth and progress, we have tons of new photos to post which we’ll try to do more frequently in 2018. To start us off the right way we just added a big photo set of Akira looking sexy in pink. Check those out HERE. There are also new photos in several other pages including Client Galleries if you haven’t checked those out lately.

Here’s a little peek of Akira’s new set:

The Newest Product Addition: We also have a brand new product we just got to production and have already started delivering. For our foot fans, we have these awesome size 11 women’s feet now available with standard production times. These are the style B feet which can be ordered easily through our newer shopping cart.

Style B Size 11 womens sexy large erotic silicone foot fetish feet

CES: As many of you know, we go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas most years to see what the latest technology and robotics has to offer and sometimes we meet with clients out there. This year we’re offering private appointments to potential doll buyers where you can view the dolls and actually touch them and speak to the artist. We find that these personal meetings are much more informative and comfortable for interested parties; especially as we can show how they move and you can feel the silicone. If you would like to schedule a meeting between January 10th and 14th in Las Vegas, please email Available times are limited. We’ll be showing only female dolls this time – a body 1H and a 2D plus a new head we’ll be releasing in January.

Discount Scavenger Hunt:
Since our sale from Thanksgiving went over so well, and it was the first time buyers of our smaller product were able to purchase with a discount, we have decided to do another one.

Here’s the information:
In 10 different spots on our website we have hidden this image.

New Year animated

  • Find the image and send us a screen capture (or a verbal description of the image location) to
  • We will confirm if the image hasn’t been previously found, and give a discount code if you’re the first person to claim the image on that page.
  • Each image can only be claimed once. We will update this post as each New Year hat is found.
  • The discount values are 15% on orders under $500 and 10% on orders over $500. Shipping is not included in the discount.
  • Discounts are not valid on custom orders or options.
  • Discounts are valid through March 31, 2018 and are for new orders placed after December 31, 2018 only.

Discovered discounts:


We hope that everyone who had a great year in 2017 continues that trend in the new year, and that those who had it rough in 2017 have great health and happiness in 2018. Best wishes to everyone from all of us here at Sinthetics!

5 thoughts on “Discount, Pics, & CES! Oh, my!

  1. Michel

    Wow Bronwen, what an amazing news about the softness of the new silicone and wow…the video of the breast of the 1H !!!! I can’t believe this will be the softness of my future doll !!!! But tell to Matt to not be too rough on them for the test !! haha !
    And about the new head, I am too excited to see her soon too ! Great news, really !
    Happy New Year to all of you ! Take care !

  2. Selena

    Awesome display at CES 2018. Will you be offering the closed eyes seamless creations in the future? I’d be interested in getting one of those.

  3. Kyle

    Wow, those style B size 11 feet look incredible from that small photo. Is there a gallery somewhere with more photos of them? I’m interested in ordering them, but that’s the only photo I’ve seen of them so far.


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