Delivered Willow 2D Sinthetics

September 16, 2015

This gallery shows the first 15 body 2D Willow dolls that shipped. Details about each of these dolls is below the gallery. Most recent shipments appear first.


Willow head with human ears for existing body, Honey skin tone, Special order red and black wig, Blue Green eyes, 3D paint brows, Wood Smoke eyeshadow, Feline Night liner, Cider Lipstick, Standard Teeth, Custom silicone cat ears.

Delivered in USA

3 thoughts on “Delivered Willow 2D Sinthetics

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      Please look through all our galleries including the Delivered Dolls. They are all listed by head and body combination. If you’re trying to see more of a specific body make sure to look at the pictures with all the different heads, or vise versa.


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