Delivered William M1 Sinthetics

April 28, 2016

This gallery shows all of the body M1 William dolls that have been shipped. Details about each of these dolls is below the gallery. Most recent shipments appear first.


Body M1, William head, Mocha skin tone, Multi skin upgrade, Light freckles, Paint head stubble and 5 O’clock shadow, Special order dark brown dreadlocks wig, Paint brows, Eyeliner, Hazel Brown eyes, Nude Buff manicure & pedicure, Moderate curly black pubic hair, Flaccid circumcised and 7″ upgraded erect circumcised penises, Workout clothing set.
Delivered in USA


7 thoughts on “Delivered William M1 Sinthetics

    1. Sinthetics Post author

      We only have the one male body at this time. We’ll be releasing another male later this year but he’s going to be short and thickly built (not a body builder body).


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