Delivered Eliza 2D Sinthetics

August 6, 2013

This gallery shows all of the body 2D Eliza dolls that have been shipped. Details about each of these dolls is below the gallery. Most recent shipments appear first.


Body 2D, Eliza head with bunny teeth, Peaches skin tone with scattered beauty marks, F15 brunette highlights wig, 3D paint brows, Deep Green eyes, Morning Mist eyeshadow,Feline Sapphire liner, Nude lips, French manicure & pedicure, Full Brazilian pubic area, Honeypot insert, Night Club shipping outfit.
Delivered in USA.


SF189 & SF180 Sexy Sinthetics silicone twins dolls body 2D Eliza head

Beautiful Eliza 2D “twins”!


Trial run soft silicone body 2D with shaved ribs, Eliza head, Latte-ish skin tone with tan lines & scattered beauty marks, F1 brunette wig, Paint brows, Golden Brown eyes, Custom eyeshadow, Custom eyeliners, Toffee Frost Sheer lips, French manicure & pedicure, Belly ring, Modern Brazilian Brunette pubic hair, Petite labia, Night Club shipping outfit.
Delivered to Canada


Body 2D, Eliza head, Dolce skin tone, Belly ring and earrings, F19 Brunette highlights wig, Teal eyes, Paint brows, Starlight Express eyeshadow, Feline Chocolate liner, Roses lipstick, Standard Teeth, Art nails Royal Blue glitter flowers, French pedicure, Puffy Nipples, Honey Pot Insert, Full Brazilian Pubic area, Day/Street wear
Delivered to Germany


Imperfect Body 2D, Eliza head, Honey skin tone with freckles, F17 Brunette highlights wig, Meadow Green eyes, Paint brows, Downtown eye shadow, Gothic Night liner, Cherry Sheer lips, Bunny Teeth, Multiple ear piercings, Nose piercing, Belly ring, Marilyn & Tongue facial piercings, Cherry manicure and pedicure, Tut’s nips, Breast enlargement, Soft thighs, Honey Pot insert XL Labia, Bikini Brunette pubic hair, Daywear shipping outfit.

Delivered in USA


Body 2D, Custom order Eliza head with bunny teeth & Earrings, Honey Skin Tone, Teal Eyes, F8 Auburn wig, Downtown eye shadow, Feline Night liner, Cotton Candy Sheer lips, 3D paint brows, Short black manicure & pedicure, Soft thighs, Custom small labia honey pot, Full Brazilian Pubic area, Personal Shopper outfits, 4 heads with this body.

Delivered to Switzerland


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