Delivered Eliza 1H Sinthetics

March 30, 2015

This gallery shows the 1st set of the body 1H Eliza dolls that have been shipped. To see full size images, click on the thumbnail image, then use your LEFT & RIGHT ARROW keys to move through the gallery of your choice. Details on selected options for each doll are posted underneath the thumbnail gallery.

Click below to see other galleries of Eliza:
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Body 1H, Eliza head, Cream skin tone, Deep Brown eyes, F10 Strawberry blonde tips wig, Paint brows, Moonshadow eyeshadow, Feline Night liner, Natural Glow lips,Belly ring, Cherry red manicure, French pedicure, Chestnut bikini pubic hair, Built in entries, Clubwear Shipping outfit.
Delivered to Korea


Body 1H, Eliza head, Honey Skin Tone, F10 Honey Blonde wig, 3D Brows, Upgraded Sky Blue eyes, Super Natural eyeshadow, Feline Night liner, Cherry Sheer Lips, French Manicure & Pedicure, Puffy Nipples, Full Brazilian Pubic Area, Removable Honey Pot Insert,
Petite labia, Loungewear shipping outfit.
Delivered to Australia


Body 1H, Eliza head, Dolce skin tone, Deep blue eyes, F19 Honey highlights wig, Real hair brows – sexy brunette, Super Natural Eyeshadow, Feline Black Eyeliner, Roses sheer Lips, Standard Teeth, Pierced ears, French manicure and pedicure, Removable honey pot, Bikini chestnut pubic hair, Clubwear Outfit
Delivered to Canada



2 thoughts on “Delivered Eliza 1H Sinthetics

  1. Gonzalo Carrera

    I like Eliza, with f 10 honey blond wig and feline night liner, like the one who was sent to Australia, but, could you do it for me with more thick



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