Delivered Dolls!

July 18, 2017

You may have noticed that we had not posted any delivered dolls recently. That isn’t because we weren’t delivering it was because Bronwen hasn’t been well and wasn’t able to do the updates. But, we are back on track again and up to date thanks in part to some extra encouragement from Mahtek! There are LOTS of awesome dolls added now. We hope you enjoy checking them out either in the new Flash Gallery on the Delivered Dolls page, or using the direct links to see specific head and body combinations.

We’ve just added

Here are some previews:

Under each photo set within the galleries we include all of the details about the doll shown so that you can see the various option and how they work together. Keeping a collection of pictures of your favorite dolls often will help to narrow down the final finish options you would like on your own doll.

Did you know the Delivered Dolls photos are just snapshots from our studio? We don’t pose the dolls or do anything special with them. The photos in our Delivered Dolls galleries are taken with a regular dSLR camera or our phones right before we box the dolls for freight. The photos are taken for insurance purposes so we know how the doll looked when she/he left our studio. We show them on our website so you can see how the dolls actually look with typical finishes and settings. What you see is what you can expect to receive.

Check back next week for more dolls. There are quite a few going home this month.

5 thoughts on “Delivered Dolls!

  1. ingrid heusen

    how can i get into your male doll gallery. I was only getting female dolls. Can you email me a link that lets me browse all the male models and accessories? Thanx


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