Delivered Celestine 2D Sinthetics

September 3, 2012

This gallery shows all of the body 2D Celestine dolls that have been shipped. Celestine is the Celeste head aged to appear more mature. Details about each of these dolls is below the gallery. Most recent shipments appear first.


Body 2D, Celestine head, Chai skin tone, Earrings, Meadow Green eyes, F8 Blonde Highlights wig, Paint brows, Beach eyeshadow, Feline Night liner, Roses Sheer lips, French manicure & Pedicure, Full Brazilian (hairless) pubic area, Standard Honey Pot Insert, Sporty Shipping outfit.
Delivered to Russia


Body 2D, Celestine head, Honey skin tone, F14 Brunette highlights wig, Upgraded Black Brown eyes, 3D paint brows, Fresh eyeshadow, Moderate Night liner, Nude lips, Earrings, French manicure & pedicure, Breast enlargement, Full Brunette pubic hair, Honey Pot Insert, Clubwear Shipping outfit.
Delivered in USA


Body 2D with breast enlargement, Celestine head, Milk skin tone, Special order light purple and F1 Platinum wigs, Upgraded Meadow Green eyes, Real hair Arched Chestnut Brows, Winter Sky eye shadow, Gothic Night liner, Cotton Candy Lipstick, Standard Teeth, Custom color manicure & pedicure, Custom textured enlarged nipples,  Dense chestnut armpit hair, Extra full Chestnut Pubic Hair Style, Honey Pot Insert Extra long labia, Custom anal and genital coloring, Soft Thighs,  Night Club shipping outfit, Piercings:ears, nostril, Marilyn, tongue, dimples, belly
Delivered in USA


Body 2D, Celestine head, Cream skin tone,  Custom labia, Gel buttocks, Built-in entries, Built-in heat, French manicure & pedicure
Version 1: Upgraded Deep Blue eyes, F9 Honey Blonde with highlights wig, Starlight Express eye shadow, Feline Sapphire liner, Natural Glow lips, Painted eyebrows
Version 2: Upgraded Meadow Green eyes, F6 Blonde with highlights wig (discontinued), Beach eye shadow, Feline Night liner, Roses Sheer lips, Painted eyebrows
Version 3: Upgraded Meadow Green eyes, U3 black wig (discontinued), Beach eye shadow, Feline Night liner, Roses Sheer lips, Painted eyebrows
Delivered to France



One thought on “Delivered Celestine 2D Sinthetics

  1. Meschler

    Congratulation 😀

    This head is indead interesting and will take future developments hopefully in a new direction. Personaly I dont like the wrinkels around her eyes, on her forehead and above her nose. But I must admitt that her chin part and the area around her mouth looks very lifelike. I would like to see this features in every head. That would make them a little bit more mature imho.

    Keep up the great work,


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